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Welcome to the home page of CDIndexer. Simply put, CDIndexer is a tool that catalogues the contents of backup CD/DVDs and allows you to search again later to find out which disk contains the file/folder for which you are looking. It is my hope that CDIndexer is not "yet another cataloguing tool" but rather offers some powerful features that will make it very handy. With that, lets look at some of the features.

General Features:

  • Indexes stored in a relational database.
  • User can create categories for indexed volumes & browse volume contents after cataloguing.
  • Browse & search ZIP archives like ordinary folders.
  • Browse & search file meta information.
    • media file tags (music, movies, images)
    • document metadata (anything installed in Windows XP like Microsoft Office files, Adobe PDFs, etc)
  • Import/export indexes to share collections with friends.

Scanner Features:

  • Metadata extraction for multimedia files & documents. Metadata extractor also interfaces with the Windows XP metadata engine.
  • Indexing within ZIP archives.
  • Can specify volume creation date for correct volume ordering by date in user categories.

Browser Features:

  • Explorer-style volume browsing where ZIP archives are placed in the directory tree along with folders. This allows easy access to archive contents.
  • Category and volume drag & drop for convenient database reordering.
  • Per-volume user comments.
  • Per-volume loan information if CD is lent to someone.

Search Features:

  • File & folder names.
  • File sizes & dates.
  • Search within metadata fields (title, author, artist, etc).
  • View which CDs are loaned out.
  • View which CDs have user comments.

Import/Export Features:

  • Preserve categorisation when exporting.
  • Add a user comments to the export.
  • Secure the export with 3DES encryption.
  • Export activity stored in windows application log (if supported).
  • Compress exports to minimal size.

Tai Lucas, 2006
tlucas at users.sourceforge.net