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  • Acknowledgements

I would like to acknowledge the following libraries and wrappers used in this tool:

SQLite - D. Richard Hipp, et al.
SQLite .NET wrapper - Richard Heyes
#ziplib - Mike Krueger
.NET ogg reader - JockerSoft
Windows Media Format .NET wrapper
  • Help

I still need to write complete help pages for this program but I'm sure that most of the functionality is self explanatory.

  • Known/Remaining Issues:
  • I've have tested all functions as thoroughly as possible. If I had to identify a weak point in the program, it may be around importing. It is best to make a backup of the .db file in the CDIndexer install directory before importing many new indexes (like from a friend). Of course, just as a precaution.

  • System Requirements:
    • Microsoft Windows with .NET framework 1.1
    • Windows Media Format 9 runtime (included with CDIndexer)
  • History

01/2006 - Version 1.1
Available on downloads page